Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Useful Links

In messages to two different people this morning I mentioned two websites and thought it would be helpful if I'd post them here, too.

GIMP Savvy is an online resource book about GIMP with lots of images and very useful, practical information. It makes learning to use (beginner and advanced) GIMP easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright (Issues Affecting the U.S. Government) will answer most questions regarding government officials and material in relation to copyright.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I just managed to add 73 products to a basic shop! Yes, I said 73! I am absolutely positive that we were able to add only up to 50 just a few months ago. When did this change happen???

It's good and I imagine it will help everyone who still doesn't have a premium shop, but why isn't this change announced anywhere? I am sure I would have noticed if it were mentioned somewhere.

So, good news! A basic shop can hold more than 50 items now!

By the way, I opened a new basic shop for a design that does not fit any of my premium shops. It's actually regional and will only make sense to people from my country. I don't expect to sell anything from that shop, but it's only costing me half an hour of my day, so I decided to put it up anyway...