Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Few Things I Heard In the Executive Chat

  • Calendars will change to 2008 in August
  • Value tees will be removed from the marketplace late in July
  • There will be gift certificates in time for the holiday season.
  • In the next few months they will start charging extra for printing on both sides of apparel. Printing on both sides of tote bags will not change result in extra charge.
  • They are looking into direct deposit, but IF it happens it won't happen this year.
  • Tile box will be upgraded.
  • There will be new clocks in the future (not sure if they'll just upgrade the existing ones or release different models).
  • They are working on tote bags and want to get back to printing on in the center, not on the top.
  • Jr Jersey ex Jr Baby Doll will get a new thumbnail image sometime in August.
  • The very useful numbers that showed how many times a tag was search in the marketplace that are now stuck at zero all the time will be fixed, but as far as I understood - not any time soon. I think I hard end of the year mentioned. I guess they think it's not important... I wouldn't agree.