Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Design Theft

Design stealing is such a terrible issue. It has not happened to me, fortunately, but I read a lot about it lately. It makes me sad and angry and I can just imagine how frustrating it is for the creative people who had that happen to them.

What is design theft? It's when certain people are too lazy, too unimaginative and lacking self-confidence to make their own unique designs, so they feel the only way to succeed is to steal other people's designs.

My question to these people would be... Why steal designs when you can sell them as an affiliate??? Why waste all that time making a copy of a design, than setting up a shop or section in your shop, putting the products up, writing descriptions.... etc... When you can be an affiliate and earn 20% just by linking to the product??? The affiliate commission is just slightly lower than the shopkeeper's commission and in some cases I can imagine it even being higher than the shopkeeper's commission. There is no doubt that being an affiliate is the way to go, it's the only fair way to go.

I know, no matter what I say there will always be people who will steal designs. Some things can't be changed. Still, too bad... Playing fair so much more fun!