Thursday, May 03, 2007

License Plate Frames

I usually don't make these. As an exception I made a couple today. They are actually fun to make.

The top image should be 1875x210 pixels and the bottom 3060x270 pixels (that will make them 300dpi when printed).

I color the background black and than use white text. Makes a nice contrast.

Since the template is so wide and short I put several spaces between the individual letters and even more between the words. Like this:

      I      L    O    V    E            <---- Top
M    O    N    K    E    Y    S      <---- Bottom

It makes them easier to read, too. I know I could stretch the letters to fit the template, but I don't like the distortion that is created that way.

There... Why don't you make a license plate frame today, too?

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